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Born and bred in the Bay Area is the creative, Tyson Amir. He is a rapper blessed with a poignant message, electrifying cadence, enlightening lyrics and it all combines to form a music with enough heart and soul to move a generation. Tyson is also a poet, emcee, educator, author, activist but if you ask him he’ll say he’s “a freedom fighter”. His fight is born out of love for humanity, justice and peace for all. Each one of these layers are intricately woven into his praxis and practice.


Tyson has said of these latest works, Tradition and Black Boy Poems, that if he were to pass soon after the release of these projects he could go to his grave knowing that he left something meaningful that can contribute to the freedom of his people. As our dear brother Fred Hampton said, “You can kill a revolutionary but you can’t kill the revolution.” Long live brother Tyson and may the struggle continue until we are free.

Constantly inspired and motivated by the eventual victory of his people, he uses every means necessary to uplift and empower.

The wisdom in his lyrics, social consciousness, and story-telling abilities can be attributable to his upbringing: his father was a Black Panther and his mother, an avid reader and active participant in the Black Liberation struggle. A deep awareness and knowledge of self was instilled at an early age. It is constantly present but at times it shines through bright enough for his ancestors to see. In the track “We So Fly” he spits the line “colloquial speech from the tongues of blacks/ passed down from the briar patch/ cotton fields where the masters used to crack our backs/that’s where my soul was born at.”

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